“Little strokes fell great oaks.”      Benjamin Franklin

A blank canvas stares back at you. It’s name is 2017. What will you make of it? What hopes, dreams, aspirations do you envision yourself stepping into this year? Are you beginning with the end in mind?

Stepping back and looking at the vastness of a blank canvas and all the space it offers, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed with the thought of the process. That the time, the effort, the dedication, it will take is potentially more than you are able to summon right now. However, what if you adopted the mindset of just 1% better each day this year. To put it in perspective, what if you decided to step onto the path of whatever big, hairy, and audacious goals you have set for yourself for 2017 and like the old saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

1% doesn’t sound like much, however, it is if applied daily, it is a measure of continuous daily improvement. Looking to start saving money? 1% of a $100 dollars is $1. Could you set that aside? Want to start journaling, but don’t know where to start? Set a timer for 1 minute and write. Add an extra 1% to a 10 mile run because you want to run a marathon this year?  That’s a .10 of a mile. You can do that right? Of course you can.

1% each day in a positive direction. Sometimes, it might feel like you are doing nothing at all. If you think about it though, 1% better today added to 1% better tomorrow, and then 1% the day after next, and suddenly you are making small changes that will lead to bigger gains. Gains that simply would not have occurred had you not moved at all. Had you remained on the sideline, or continued to create a crater on the couch from sitting.

What will be your 1%? What elephant will you choose to eat this year, one bite at a time?