All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them. ”  Walt Disney

The message woven subtly through the slow flow class this morning was one of following your dreams. As I followed my breath and moved my body through the flow, the instructor went on to talk about that they were indeed following their dreams. This was the last class that they were teaching because they were moving to a tropical location to teach yoga, maybe buy some land and set up shop.

Often times in these moments, when someone declares something big, something adventurous, like this, that most of will try to summon up a smile and a nod of encouragement. The best I could muster was, “Have fun.” In reality, we feel a twinge of despair, a fleeting moment of depression, and say to ourselves when no one is looking, “Why not me?”

Why not you? What’s holding you back from following your dreams? You could hide behind the standard, well I have a job, or I have kids, etc, fill in the blank, excuse, whatever, but the fact is until you do two things you will never follow your dreams.

One, you have to choose to follow your dreams. It’s always been there, that choice. Until you feed that choice with your energy and passion, it will always remain on the sideline. Just waiting to be called into play, but never getting the chance. Two, you have to like Walt Disney said, have the courage once you have made that choice to follow your dream. Courage combined with choice to follow your dream can help you to weather the inevitable ups and downs your new journey will take you on.

Why not you? Choose. Be Courageous. Follow Your Dreams.