Follow your dreams. Sounds great, right?  Where do you start? Which path should you set your feet on? Of course you can choose  to follow your dreams and you can be the most courageous person in the world, but there is a key ingredient missing. Belief.

     Now, I am not talking about blind belief. The kind of belief that leads one down dark paths, never having their own opinions, and becoming a bobble head for someone else. No, belief that at the very outset of the journey, even it is just the slightest sliver of belief, that it can be done. This is the sliver, that can grow to be a roaring fire when the momentum towards your dream is like a snowball falling rapidly down a steep slope, gathering speed and power. Or it can be the sliver, that on the darkest of days, it is the only thing that you can hold onto and grasp because you have failed over and over in pursuit of your dream, but know if you just give it one more shot, this will be time things will all work out.

    Belief. It comes from within.