We live within the seconds that sweep in a clockwise manner. Precisely, every 60 seconds signals a minute. Every 60 minutes marks an hour. The sun rises and falls rhythmically every 24 hours. Each week there are only 168 hours. It seems though, that we never have enough time.

My daughter turned 10 this week. A decade has come and gone in the proverbial blink of an eye. 87,360 hours have made their way in a perfect circular motion. Whether I noticed or not, the clock kept ticking. How many more hours will continue to precisely tick, tock away until I wake up and notice. Notice, that there are no ordinary moments?

We measure time by a clock and the passing of seasons. Before me now, I see the passing of time, of 10 years, or 5, 241, 600 minutes in a 5 foot, confident, and funny 4th grade girl. A lover of Lego’s, soccer, cooking, and fashion. Someone who still wants to hang out with their parents, but soon will be counting the time and checking her watch to see how many more minutes or hours until her curfew.

How quickly she grew from the size of a large eggplant whom I hold carefully like an egg, to someone who is stunningly like a mini version of her mother. Time waits for no person as it has been said, so why did it take a birthday to jolt me into this realization?

Time if not paid attention to makes us late for things that we have scheduled or the feeling that we can squeeze just one more thing in on our already overloaded plates. Outside of that, how often do we pay attention? How do we know that time has passed? My hair might be a little grayer, but so subtle is the growth that I hardly notice. My daughter on the other hand, continues to grow.

Growing and changing. It’s that growth that is marked by a mark on the wall for a new height or a new seasonal hairdo. But in between those moments marking that height or a cutting of hair, that every day, and every moment exists time. Time that is often neglected but offers the most insight.

In The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, there is a sequence in the book where Dan is told to go out and sit behind the gas station on a rock and he is not to return until he has something enlightening to say. He sits, for not that long, and comes back to drop a woo woo phrase on the mystical gas attendant sage only to be shooed back out. Several times he tries this out, and several times he is sent back out to sit and think. Sitting through the night , he finally comes to the realization that had been staring him in the face all along. Excitedly, he runs into the convenience store and declares, “There are no ordinary moments.”

Those ordinary moments are the ones that exist between the highlights that people post on their favorites social media sites, and some feel the twinge of jealousy that they are missing out. However, it is is these seemingly thrown away moments that life exists. It will never be that way again, and we can never get that time back. There are no ordinary moments as the clock ticks away.