If you don’t like the direction that things are going,  change course. Step off the sidelines, stop believing you don’t have a choice,  and get in the game. Sadly, to often, most are willing to stay where they are, because to step into the game means you have to believe. Believe that even one person, with action, can inspire others. That what they have to say and do matters. With action, whispers in the crowd from one singular voice becomes a galvanizing voice to loud to ignore.

This is how a movement starts. #NoSpaceForHate is a movement fueled by the passion of two women, Brooke and Jenny to remove hate and build respect in our not only the community in which they live, but beyond as well. I was honored to join those that rolled out their yoga mats to collectively breathe and connect about how to move into this new space, together. To allow the whispers, to swirl, gather, and grow.

In one of his seminal works, The Measure of a Man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  stated that, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Man in this instance, is every single, living, breathing human being. No one is excluded from taking a stance.  The stance we choose is driven from what we believe inside.  What people see though is the action we  take.

In this world, which perhaps driven by the idea to post every single moment of life, tends to lean more towards as Dr. King also wrote, ..”we know how to love, and yet we hate.”  Love is difficult because love requires us to be able to stand in front of a mirror, and accept ourselves for all that we are. All the good and all the perceived bad. But to own it. To lean into it.  To say emphatically, that is is who I am, and I can accept it. WIth  that acknowledgement, it opens to the door for love. Love for ourself and love for others. Leaving no room, no space for hate.

So how do you choose to stand? On the field or off?

I choose to play. To be in the game. To stand in a space that says that I can’t stand for hate. With that I acknowledge, my strengths, my weaknesses, and know that I am enough. Enough of a person to know that I need to love not only myself, but others as well. That at the crossroads of challenge and controversy, that I choose to take the road less traveled.  A road that allows no space for hate.