You are not special. Go ahead and drop that idea like a hot potato. Not so easy to let go? Most of us would rather try and slap that idea back and forth between our hands, getting a little air, and willing to endure burns and discomfort than to give up the idea that has been taught to us by our parents, families and media since day one. You are not special.

You are not special. Where you are born has little do to with with where you end up. That is entirely dependent on your mindset. Do you believe that you are locked in to where you are, what you do and who you are? Then you are fixed. Frozen. Stuck. Or do you believe that you can change? That with time, patience, and practice that you can move the needle? If so, then you have a growth mindset. You are not special.

You are not special. Consider when you look up the word special. It lists words such as better, greater, notable and noteworthy. If you are special, it seems, then you are above everyone else. You sit perched above looking down. You are not special.

You are not special. You are however, essential. Essential means crucial, necessary, vital and indispensable. That means simply that no one else can fulfill your role. Your purpose. What you are meant to do on this earth for the flash of time that you are here no one else can do. You are not better or greater than anyone else. You are necessary. You are vital. You matter.