We all want to be happy. At the end of the day, it all boils down to this. When we look back at our lives, in our final hours, moments, that is the one thing that it comes back to. Was I happy? However, most of us are allowing others to hold the keys to our happiness.

They hold them, right there in front of us. Shiny, dangling, and enticing us, swinging back and forth, the keys to our happiness. But we are not the ones holding them. We have let someone else seize them, and take control. They are in control, because one of the keys to happiness, and certainly not the only one, is the ability to forgive. Forgive those that have harmed us with their thoughts, words and actions.

Forgiveness, is the action or process of forgiving. A pardon or exoneration of some wrong. We have all been wronged at some time in our life. Either by someone’s thoughts, words or actions. It may have been a one time event, or still in process to this day. Nevertheless, the moment we consciously make the choice to “not forgive” someone for what they have done, the keys have been handed over. One can truly not be happy when we have given someone else the keys.

Do not confuse forgiveness with forgetting. We may never forget someone for what they have said or done, but we can forgive. We can take back the keys. We can be happy. It all starts with the simple act of forgiveness.