Turning the page on another year (42), I am humbled that I get  to be surrounded by my #family and #friends  That my life’s value is not defined by the size of my financial bank account, but rather that of my emotional one. That experiences are more memorable than a shiny object. That I “get” to serve as a high school principal to students who everyday surprise me with their #grit and #grace instead of thinking that I “have to”. That I #love to teach #yoga to  the #homeless #veterans and my high school students. That #running for me has been the cheapest form of therapy over the years. For all of it, I am still a work in progress. At 42, I don’t have it all figured out and that’s ok.

What I have figured out as I have peeled back the layers of myself is that the real work is from the inside out. That I am “imperfectly perfect”.  That what we all want is to feel connected, needed, and wanted.  That what we do matters.  No is special, but we are essential.

At the end of the day and our life,  there are only 3 questions that truly matter.

Did I live?

Did I love?

Did I matter?

As my hair gets a little grayer, my times get a little slower on the run, and I can’t practice yoga like I can now, those questions are what keep me focused. Focused on the path of forward motion. Focused on breathing and trying to be present as much as possible. Focused on trying to be as authentic as I can and when I mess up,because we all do, that I can simply begin again. 🙏