Have you ever had that conversation via text, cell, or in person? The conversation where the other person is communicating to you through their behavior, that they don’t like what you did? That they are disappointed, frustrated, angry, etc. with what you either said or did, and they are going to let you know about it? Let you know about it they will, and it isn’t positive.  It’s mean, it’s hurtful,  but they feel that is the best way that you are going to “get it”. Like magically, after having criticizing  you, and maybe making you feel less than,that you are suddenly going to change your ways. Maybe, if you believe in the idea of scared straight it might work, but probably not.

What if instead you thought and acted in another way? What if instead of allowing the sharp, condescending, less than words and attitude, to be said and work their way into your mind to make you feel less than, that you stop. STOP letting them drag their dirty feet through your mind. Their dirty feet are their words, actions, and feelings that communicate their behavior. Their negativity.

You don’t have to walk their path, and you don’t have to allow their dirty feet to walk freely around your mind creating feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, that you don’t need. But how do you break that cycle?

  1. Be aware of the fact that you are allowing and choosing to allow others to drag their dirty feet through your mind.
  2. STOP
  3. When you notice that someone is bringing their negativity, their dirty feet and walking through you mind, simply notice.
  4. Think of their negative, their frustration, disappointment and visualize them  like clouds in the sky.
  5. Visualize those clouds containing their frustration, etc. and simply watch them float on by. Making note not to pay any more attention, diverting no more energy to them but that of noticing them.
  6. Move on. Walk your own path.
  7. Smile