Mike Croy




Mike Croy is a father, husband, high school principal, runner, yoga instructor, speaker and writer, whose mission is to empower and inspire others to shine their brightest. Mike believes that we are all works in progress and that the key is to keep moving forward. He believes in the idea of being of service to others, and making the practices of mindfulness, wellness, and yoga accessible to all.


Mike’s educational background includes a Masters of Science in Administration: Leadership from Central Michigan University. A Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Special Education: Emotional Impairment and American Language and Literature. Additionally, he also holds a valid State of Michigan K-12 School Administrator Certificate, Valid State of Michigan Teaching License and approval as a Supervisor of Special Education.  Currently, he serves at the Principal at Neil Reid High School which is a county wide center based program for high school students with emotional impairments.


As a runner, Mike has completed 24 marathons and several ultra marathons including the Burning River 100. He has also completed his yoga teacher training (RYT 200 hour) and has additional yoga  training in working with teens and in mental health.


Mike has mindfulness, wellness, and yoga experience in working with children and adults including: Macomb Intermediate School District Center Programs, Macomb County Student Assistance Network, South Oakland Shelter, Team RWB and Macomb County Community Mental Health. Additionally, he has given talks about those subjects at most recently at the 2016 Michigan Department of Education Fall School Improvement Conference and the 2016 Michigan POHI/SXI Conference.